2.9.1 Quadcopter vibrations help!?

I'm having vibartion problems and i'm going to try to describe this to my best extent. I'm really out of ideias and cant eliminate the vibrations. I'm running 2.9.1 but i would really like to try 3.0 sucessfully( i had vibs.. wasnt successfull).

My setup is:

Tarot fy650 quadcopter

Turnigy multistar 390kv

Hobbyking 30amp esc with simonk firmware(latest version)

turnigy wooden props 15x4.5 (balanced)

4s nanotech 4000mah battery 


Hovers at 55% throttle

This is a pic of my vibration dampening o-ring system


And this are the vibrations i'm getting:

3691034936?profile=originalHere a Log file with RAW data in case anyone wants to take a look:


How can i get this vibrations away? I've tried balancing my props so many times by now. I'm using a Dubro balancer, and i'm pretty sure they are balanced. Motors produce some vibration but it is minimal.

This is the motors running without propellers:


2013-06-28 21-13 6.log

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  • So i decided to change the motors to a smaller ones and use a 3s setup instead with plastic props.

    Here are the result in a stable hover:

    3692814524?profile=originalI'm also running 3.0.1 and experiencing toilet bowl. But i have yet to do compassmot.

    I'm very happy now :)

    P.S- your file doesnt work for 3.0.1, and i dont know if you made a new one! Thank very much Forrest for your help 

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    A method I've used to get really good prop balance is to use a cheap laser pointer and a small piece of mirror (1cm x 1cm). Use Prestik/Blue Tack (or equivalent) to temporarily stick the mirror to the side of the arm of the 'copter, point the laser dot onto the mirror and reflect onto a wall.

    Securely clamp or weigh the 'copter down then run just that motor up to about half throttle, then use small pieces of thin sticky tape on the under surface of the prop to get the laser dot to stay as still as possible.

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    So have you had a chance to measure your prop tip trace?  If the two tips of the prop do not trace an identical line (identified by checking two locations at the perimeter of the prop that are 90 degrees apart), there will be massive vibration.

    Also, when you take opposing motor booms in your hand, do you feel any give or looseness?

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    Goncalo - Your are right.  That is pretty ugly.  Probably pretty easy to fix.

    I ran your log file through my excel file and got the following graph.  The vibs are so bad, many are off the chart.


    When solving vibration problems, it is best to use statistics, not graphs.  So your statistics are as follows.


    It would be best if everything was less than 0.4.  I'm not happy until it's less than 0.2, but I'm not flying off-the-shelf systems.

    So first before major improvements, tell me about how you balanced your props.  No one makes balanced props.  Then tell me how you tightened the connections between the motor booms and electronics platform.  Let's start there.  I'll try to be responsive.  I know you want to fly.

    I've also attached the excel worksheet that you will need to run your log data.  It's actually easier than MP.  There are instruction on the first tab.

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