3DR telemetry

I have been throwing around the idea of getting the telemetry.  Would I be able to have all the modes available to use?   So that way I could use two channels off of my radio for the head tracker and then possibly use the channels off of the APM for a roll system for another camera that is facing straight down from the quad.

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  • The 3DR Telemetry will pretty much let you control everything from a laptop.(you can even plug in a joystick) The APM has has pitch / roll / yaw camera controls on it . But I don't think your going to want the telemetry  just for changing modes.........plus changing modes is something that you really want to be able to do with the flip of a switch, not take your eyes of the model, then focus in on your laptop and change the mode. If I have to go to my laptop while Im flying I always flip the switch to loiter so I can safely take my eyes of the drone and then do whatever on the laptop.

    Lets say you have a Turnigy 9X radio (what allot of us use, easy to mod and low cost) Channels 1 through 4 will control your drone, setup channel 5 for mode switching (you can get 6 modes by using a combo of 2 switches over the same channel) then you have 7 and 8 open. I don't know allot about the head tracking, however I do know it goes over the trainer port on the 9x. and can use those 2 open channels. Some more info here.

    So with that setup you should be good. There are also "point camera here" options in the mission planner that you can set over telemetry. That way you can keep your secondary camera trained on whatever you want, use the one with head tracker to look at whatever you want, plus have the modes right on your TX so can flip it to loiter, then take your goggles off and go to the laptop. Besides, Having the RTL function just a flip of a switch away for thos "oh $hit" moments is wonderful thing.

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