3DRobotics Quadcopter Ready to Fly

Arducopter with

External Magnetometer

Upgraded Motors

Carbon fiber props

GoPro3 Black on 2-axis gimbal with Futaba 3114 servos, aluminum arms with ball links

900 MHz Telemetry

Sonar with shielded cable and noise reduction

Optical Flow Meter

APM 2.5 in MoonGel sandwich

Futaba 8UAP with FrSky 2.5 GHz xmitter module


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  • Hi William,

    Did you buy it from Udrones.com? 

    Could you please post further details on the:

    Motor ratings:

    Prop size:

    Quad weight:

    Post a couple of pictures from the top and bottom of quad.

    Cost split up (if possible)

    I am interested in buying this one :)


This reply was deleted.