Accelerometer Calibration in MP 1.2.35

This appears to have changed since 1.2.29.  Now when clicked the button changes to "Click when done".  Is there a new process that needs to conducted here?  Nothing appears to be happening and the HUD does not indicate a level quad.

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  • Developer

    By the way, 2.9.1 has a massive change to the alt-hold method.  It's far far more accurate because it uses the accelerometers but it's also a little less forgiving of copters that vibrate a lot.

    So a very good set of steps to follow is:

    • do your accel calibration
    • enable the RAW message in the dataflash log
    • set the INS_MPU6K_FILTER parameter to 20 (default is zero)
    • take it for a flight in stabilize mode only
    • download and post your logs into the 2.9.1 release thread so we can have a look at them and ensure that your Accel-Z values are staying within -5 and -15.
    • when you get the 'ok' disable the RAW messages and give alt-hold a try.  be ready to switch back to stabilize mode if necessary

    Do this and you'll very likely have a nice smooth transition to 2.9.1 and be pleased with the stunning improvement in alt-hold.

  • same here even with 2.9.1

  • 3D Robotics

    If you're running ArduCopter 2.9.x it will guide you through a new accel calibration process. I suggest you update to the firmware, which is a big improvement over previous versions. 

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