After mounting the APM in a mounting pad from hobbyking I was able to get vibrations in the Z and the X axis to within +/- 5 and +/- 3 respectively (I applied small pieces of the pad on each corner of APM on the top and bottom and the APM sits between between the the two plates of the quad with a small amount of compression)

But for some reason the Y axis vibration is still much higher than the X axis vibration. I would have thought them to be symmetrical! See the attached picture below of the Acc X/Y/Z values in a smooth hover flight in stabilized mode. The AccX values in Blue are much smaller than the AccY values in Green. What can be done to reduce the Y axis vibration? How do I diagnose it?



PS: I'm running a stock 3DR quad with 850kv motors and ArduCopter 3.0rc3 in the X configuration.


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    Actually your vibration is messed up on all 3 axis. Your zAccel is ok, but just barely. Your xAccel does not look right at all, like your dropping data packets. And you are right the yAccel is very bad. I assume you have balanced your props. With regards to mounting your APM do you have a strap over the top with another piece of damping material under the strap? Kind of sandwiching your APM top and bottom with damping material. Make sure you only log the basics plus enable raw for a short 15 second flight at hover to graph your 3 axises. By the way Moon Gel is really excellent damping material. Changed out some foam with Moon Gel and improved 2 points on my zAccel graph.
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