Hi all, I'm hoping that my question is not too open ended.

I'm interested in learning how to code the control systems for quadcopters. As a start, I would like to look into solving the equations and coding for hovering maybe? There are a lot of systems out there, and it is confusing. I'm hoping that the ArduCopter has open source code that I can look at, and that the good members here can point me to a suitable kit, perhaps a micro-drone, because I will be crashing it a lot.

If the ArduCopter group is not the right place to put this in, then I do apologise and hope that someone can point me to the right direction.

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    • Dear Craig,

      Thanks very much for your reply. I assume the hawk you speak of is the onboard computer? The Pixhawk (or other similiar device)?

      It seems like I would have to assemble this myself, so would you mind doing me another kindness by pointing me to a site or document on how to put the physical device together?

      I'm terribly sorry for the beginner questions, because I am far more interested in the coding, my knowledge on electronics is terribly low.

      Thank you again for your time, Craig. 

    • everyone was new at one time or another. 

      There are many "beginer's guides" on building multirotors which can go a long way in helping you decide.or if you want to just jump in I'd suggest buying a used MR over at the classified section at RCGroups. You can get some great deals on some quads that are ready to "fly" or some that just need a flight controller, etc.

      You're also going to need a Transmitter and Reciver to control it. As Chris is CEO of 3D Robotics he is going to want you to buy one of his Birds :) and they are extremely nice machines "Solo" but when I was new the last thing I wanted was an expensive starter machine since I crashed so much.

      3DR also helped develop the Pixhawk and help with the software that runs it. [ArduPilot]

      If you want to PM me I'd be glad to help you get started with everything. 

  • http://ardupilot.org/dev/index.html#full-table-of-contents

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  • 3D Robotics

    Yes, it's all open source and all here. This is all in the menus at the top of the site. 

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