antenna slection

kindly tell me the name and model of the 5km range reciever transmitter through which i could control qaudrtor and also get video transmission

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  • With the right antennas you can take off-the-shelf radio gear and get up to 10km of range.  This guy has some impressive tutorials on RC and FPV antennas, transmitters and receivers.

  • One idea- a full blown TBS discovery with all extras, bells and whistles might do! You should be in the 2k$ region then....
  • Hi-
    I am not sure what you are referring to?
    If you want a setup to do 5km FPV flights there is (thanks god) no "out of the box" system capable to do this afaik.
    To build you own setup that has this range I would suggest you do some googling about:
    And CP Antennas at least as a start and come back with more specific questions.

    Good luck!
  • It does not exist.
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