APM 2.6

Any real information regarding the new APM 2.6?  Any pictures?


I suspect 3DRobotics still has old 2.5's on the shelf that they will shed before releasing the 2.6.

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  • 3D Robotics

    We decided to roll up a bunch of new products for a Monday announcement. But just to set expectations: 2.6 is just 2.5 with the external mag option pre-set (plus rolling up all recent 2.5 process/component improvements). Nothing more fancy than that (it's easy to do yourself, and we'll show you how). All existing 2.5s have already been converted to 2.6 at the factory, so no inventory issues. It's the *other* new things, aside from the 2.6, that will be the fun news on Mon ;-)

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