• Developer
    • no you should not do that. You only need to calibrate accels if you change orientation of your autopilot for example when you change it or do bigger modifications to your frame. Also rarely when we make bigger changes on software, accel calibration is needed. 

      There is quick accel calibration check when you connect your mattery but that is different calibration initiated from MissionPlanner or other GCS.

    • Jani,

      Is it possible that a hard crash caused it? My qcopter hit the wall hardly before this happens.

    • Developer

      Yes, that is highly possible. Maybe your accelerometer is damaged due the impact. 

      Before you even ask, yes it is possile to replace MPU6000 chip on board but you need good skills and tools for that. We are doing this type repairs at our office as we are working a lot with electronics. Try to find someone from your location that could fixit.

      Or just get a new board...

    • ID say about 90% or more of knockoffs work just fine. And 3DR has made there money and doesnt support (for copters anways) now.  Although for planes its still works great because the code is way smaller and doesnt have to run as fast. So technically youd be better off buying 5 knockoffs!  Or just replace it with a different  knockoff. If your running a quad or other Multirotor though then buy a Pixhawk (or knockoff) because it works MUCH better for that application.

    • Thanks Jani,

      But each time I connect the apm to computer mission planner shows that the drone nose is down instead of sitting level.

    • Developer

      Then you might have bad hardware or something else. Try factory reset for your electronics. From where you dot it and when??

    • I got it from ebay about a month ago.

    • Then it's almost certainly a knock-off.
    • Can I fix it or I have to get the $160 APM board?

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