APM2.5 Mounting Adapter

Hey all,

I've been slowly but surely assembling my first quad on my HT-FPV frame.  I've been researching different mounting options for the APM 2.5 and many have been telling me to use double sided tape.  In all my anal retentiveness, I just couldn't begin to think about taping such a great piece of equipment to my frame.  I'm still waiting on my board to come in, however in the mean time, I've been tinkering in sketchup creating a mounting adapter with 60x60mm and 45x45mm spacing.  In no way am I a qualified 3D modeller, not to mention, I'm just going off dimensional drawings, so I'm not sure if this is going to work.  I know there are plenty of minds here smarter than my own and I was curious to know if anyone would like to take a look at this and see if it would work. The model doesn't show the necessary spacers but you get the idea. I also have the sketchup file if anyone cares to see it.


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  • There actually not that big, and there pretty thin as well.... Actually one cut in half fit the APM2.5 perfectly!

  • Check these Carbon Fiber Plates out from diydrones. Ive been using the 2 of these with my APM in between on some small standoffs. There are plenty of possible mounting configurations and it's pretty easy to add a couple more holes if need be. Plus I'm sure you have some other electronics on board that could use the space and the protection. If your going to open air it's not too bad.

    3692496246?profile=originalAlso I picked up some of the Thumb screws from diy on the same order so I can get to the top of it if need be.

  • I'm building one now and just received my APM the other day. Slow start because of parts but getting there.
    Have a look here. http://coding.zencoffee.org/
    James made an adapter board and I purchased one from him. Very nice as he breaks out the pins.

    Your design looks great.

  • Developer

    So I guess you'll be mounting the APM2.5 out in the open (i.e. not inside the little semi-transparent boxes that they will eventually come with).  In that case what you have there looks ok.  I often use nylon screws and ruber grommets to separate the APM2 from direct contact with the frame in the hopes that it will reduce vibration (it seems to work ok).

    I also don't like using velcro because it allows the whole set-up to lean a bit at times.

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    Sounds cool, but that link doesn't allow public viewing.  BTW, the official APM 2.5 enclosures will be out in about two weeks. And in the meantime, you can always use the bottom of the APM 2.0 enclosure (the boards are the same size)

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