Arducopter Delivery Drone

Hi,Greeting from Indonesia.

Now,i've a plans to build a delivery drone for my school.

And now, i run APM 2.6 3.1.5 with U-blox gps

my question is...what parameter and what flight modes should i set for that drone?

Many Thanks for any answer


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  • Welcome!

    Selamat pagi Ismail.

    Here are link to you can follow step by step by Jabram of Aussie.

    Part 1.

    Part 2.

    Good luck


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    • If i not mistaken...that retract servo is the same of multicopter retract servo right?
    • Correct. 

    • Which one material that provide better between plywood with pcb?looking from the price,weight,durability factor
    • The price on PCB/G10 is cheaper in Indo than a good quality plywood(3mm). Plywood is lighter than G10, both are fine, the reason I used plywood is easier to work on, cutting PCB/G10 is harder.


    • Hi sir...thanks for your answer...actually i come from kudus...(near your hometown,right? :D)...My plan is just make the prototype of delivery,i planned it to deliver a little thing like a pack of jenang(A kind of typical food from kudus...of course you know it :D)..what do you think?

      Greet from kudus :D
    • Oh. Ok, I got it. If you have access to a servo-less retract, that will do the job. They sell it pretty chip from hobbyKing.

      Ok you have a month to do it, and I'm waiting for the Jenang ;)

      Ismail, PM me.

    • Hi sir...What a kind of you...before i post this question..i've completely assamble my arducopter on my Quad...and its fly as stable as 700 F3C heli...and now,i wanna made a H-copter that can deliver a little cargo to the near place...and i wanna know the releaser mechanic and the flight mode must i use to deliver...that's my point now

      By the way, Terima Kasih atas jawabannya
    • Hallo Ismail, 

      Sorry didn't have a chance to reply, been busy at work. I just sent you a friend request so that I can give you my email addr. Anyway I'm from Surabaya. Yes arek suroboyo ;). Now get back to your project, may I ask what kind of payload (object) are you planning to deliver, I saw one of the casinos in Vegas delivered a bottle of wine to the customer at their swimng pool using an hexa, you may search it on youtube. The only thing I did was to carry a short carbon arrow when we had a bombdrop competation at our flying field.

    • Here is the link

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