Arducopter from Android

Hi everyone!

Anyone has an idea about how can i control the Arducopter from a tablet? Do you have some document about this?

Thank very much!

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  • Developer

    Sure you can use CRC but if you loose link you might crash your multicopter. Failsafes etc are only working on RC radio systems so there are NO failsafes done yet for full GCS operation. Will it come, for sure but when? GCS control relies on constant control packets and if you loose those.. well you know how it ends.

  • Thanks for the answers. I can use a checksum verification to solve a bad control link, right?

  • Developer

    Also there is an operational issue on these new type control methods. These are not yet for common users as if you have bad control link you will crash your ArduCopter. So I would wait a bit before jumping on these. This is really bleading edge development.

  • Developer

    Pat Hickey has done some work on this and made a post about it here.


    I've never done it myself so not sure whether the code is ready for regular use or is still a work in progress.

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