Ardupilot 1.4 Arming Problem

I am new to this group

I was using Ardupilot1.4 board for my Quad and it was flying well. Recently I made some modification in frame and reprogrammed the board with Mission Planner 1.2.67 Version. Caliberation of accelerometer and Radio done. But I was unable to arm the board after that.No changes made in electronics.Earlier I was using MP Version 1.12.32.

Can anybody help me solving this arming problem?

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  • gps lock may be required also

    sometimes without it having a lock, it will arm spin up, then disarm ,a reboot will be needed before arming again


    having a lock prevents that from happening

    you can disable checks but you shouldn't do that unless its really nessasary

  • I have the same problem & get a AP_MOTORS error on startup in terminal mode. ESC cal doesn't work. By Googling a lot I found a comment about RADIO CALIBRATION needed to be done. I thought I had done that but plan to recheck tomorrow.
    Stuck with no motors otherwise.

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