AUTO Mission Details?

When I set a waypoint I see 'Delay', 'HIT RAD' and 'YAW ANGLE'.  I would guess Yaw Angle is the orientation of the copter while it travels away from the waypoint?  I guess delay is how long the copter will stay at the waypoint but I am not sure what HIT RAD means.  Can someone explain these options?  Is there a location yet where these are fully explained?

Can I define the forward speed between waypoints?  I am wondering if I can have the copter use the default speed to the first waypoint then change the forward speed to subsequent speeds?


I did my first AUTO mode today and held my breath as the quadcopter did its thing.  I am very impressed with AUTO mode as this is why I purchased my 3DR Quadcopter.


Kudo's to all the developer's!

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  • DO_CHANGE_SPEED is exactly what I was seeking.  I will test as soon as I have a charged battery.

  • HIT RAD is Hit Radius, or "how close do I need to get to the waypoint to count as having reached it". By default measured in meters, if I remember correctly.
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