back up power

Hello everybody,

I was wondering if it is possible to configure servo rail for back up power, I have read this sentence on this wiki page and the real matter is that I can't really figure out how can I configure this feature.

To be honest the word configure sounds a little misleading to me, I mean it is something that I can do through Mission Planner or just connecting a power subbly (Bec)

The confusion has grown in me when I read that servo rail can supply power up to 10 V (more or less), but If power goes beyond 5.7V pixhawk will reboot, so here the only thing I can accept is that somehow it is possible through Mission planner telling whether using the port or not for back up.

I'm not really intrested on using devices recquiring such a power, in my system I have a camera which needs 5 V and to accomplish the demand I have used an external 5V bec and a zener diode.

The system is just good.

But if this feature is configurable I wouldn't need for example for the zener diode, am I wrong?



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