Banggood gimbal lock

Guys, I've got a cheap Chinese brushless gimbal I use with my copter. It works well however I stumbled across a quastion I have no answer to.

Is there any way to "lock" it (one or both axes) as if the camera is directly mounted to the quad? It's all nice when you have nice stable video but if, for example, you fly in Drift mode (which is amazing BTW), you'd want to lock roll axis so the video has more dynamics in it. Any ideas on how to do that?

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  • Pixhawk so far, but I'm not opposed to using any external boards.
  • Are you hooking this to the Pixhawk controller or are you using a separate controller? 

  • I have not tried to do this before but I know what you are looking for.

    I would recommend adjusting the P and I gains down to 0. The power may need to stay the same or higher in order to keep the camera locked in location. 

    • Interesting solution, thanks. The only problem with it would be the impossibility to switch this "mode" on the fly.

      I was leaning towards setting up two extra separate channels and hooking up all inputs (FC_roll, FC_pitch, EXT_roll and EXT_pitch) to pixhawk and setting up mixes on BGC board, however apparently pixhawk can't switch channels on/off when switching flight modes.

      Is there any scripting available for pixhawk?

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