Calbration off during flights!?!?! whats this about?

ok so today I noticed that when I powered on my quad and connected to mission planner the horizon was off about 15-20 degrees upon taking off and flying I had to hold opposite direction to keep the quad level, I landed did a accelerometer calibration and it seemed to be flying level and straight, after a couple minutes flying I came in for a close hover and noticed the same thing it wanted to roll right and foreword I had to hold left and back to keep it from drifting offf really bad, after landing I noticed the horizon was off again so I did a calibration and afterwards the horizon was still trying to catch up as it seems, so I let it sit for a bit took about a minute to show level and then I flew around again after a few minutes the same thing happened again!!!!......I'm completely baffled by this,,whats going on seems like after I get one thing figured out something else starts to act up......

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    We'd call this "the leans".  It use to happen a lot when the APM2 was very young and our accelerometer filtering wasn't as good.  I'd check that your vibration levels aren't really bad by enabling the IMU messages.

    When you're doing accelerometer calibration you're definitely using the mission planner's accel calibration screen?  In AC3.0.1 (and earlier) there's a pre-flight-calibration on the mission planner's Flight Data screen but that should never be used with arducopter.

    Finally it's possible that you're having accelerometer or gyro glitches.  These should also show up in the IMU dataflash logs.

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