• Yes! Go ahead and go into your setup menu and select the "Motor Test" option. 

    • Thanks, Khoa.

      Will do.

  • Yes :)

    But be curious! Browse and read through the WiKi and MissionPlanner options!

    There are tons of valuable info :)

    For example:

    Your setup on the wooden board is not optimal.

    • The linked page still doesn't answer my question whether all motors should be connected or not.

    • Thanks for the link.

      The wooden board setup is only a test rig to hold parts in place instead of having them scattered all over the place.

    • :)

      ...... with setup I mean that it is better for a quad' to use 4 equal esc and a pm to feed the flight controller

    • I don't need a pm since I'm powering the controller with an ESC..

      I want to be able to test only one motor on one ESC at a time. Is that possible?

      Khoa says yes, so I'll try his suggestion.


    • Capture

      This should help. 

    • Yes, Khoa, I got that far. I connected power only to one motor and I get an error message saying: "Command was denied by the autopilot".

      I increased throttle but no difference.

      Are we sure I don't have to have 4 motors connected?

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