Hello everybody,

I'm trying to fly my exa in autotune flight mode, unfortunately during my indoor test I can't invoke it.

As you can see in the attached imagery once I switch on flight mode 3 pixhawk refuses to accept this mode and keeps the previous one. 


As you can see the PWM signal is between the treshold, but somehow it will be rejected by pixhawk.

If I use a different flight mode 3 (anyone) it will be accepted, see image below.


As last thing I have thought that perhaps I couldn't set it as a flight mode so  i tried to use channel 7, which I normally use for RTL mode, but eventually even in this case Autotune flight mode will be rejected. 

is there anyone who can help?



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  • If you invoke during Loiter, the aircraft will stay roughly in place.  If you invoke during PosHold, the aircraft will twitch roll in place for a bit, then it will yaw left 90 degrees and it may move forward a few meters.  It will twitch roll,  then yaw 90 degrees and move forward...

    In your case there is something wrong.  The aircraft should have started to twitch in roll, not take off backwards...

  • Hi,
    I can confirm that it won't work "dry" on the workbench; it needs to be invoked inflight. I have a different issue though: my Hexa starts flying backwards at medium pace while maintaining altitude. I let it go til end of sight (700 Meters) and had to bring it back manually. Is that the behaviour to be expected during AutoTune ?

  • Hi Carlos,

    at last I succeed on make it working, basically I was trying to invoke AT indoor and this gets rejected by pixhawk, you need to go outdoor and try, in this case you won't have problem.


    Carlos Calvetti said:


    Have you fixed this issue? I have the same problem and I cannot find any answers.


  • Hello,

    Have you fixed this issue? I have the same problem and I cannot find any answers.


  • Developer

    A small correction.. in Copter-3.3 (and higher) it is possible actually to setup autotune on the flight mode switch (it wasn't possible in earlier versions).  Looks like the issue was perhaps mainly that the user wasn't in Althold before switching to AutoTune.

    • I stand corrected...

      However, the issue still remains that the OP is trying to invoke Auto Tune while the aircraft is on the ground.

      Logic and good flight safety practice would dictate that for this "special" flight mode, activation would only be possible after the aircraft is in the air, and I got a 6 pack of his favorite adult beverage that says I'm right.

    • to be honest I don't think the craft needs to be in the air to invoke autotune, I mean technically is correct but if you remove your props move the throttle up to 50% switch in altHold and then in autotune the craft is still on the ground but it will start tuning (tuning which is basically wrong).

    • have u fix it? 
      if not yet, i just wondering, on mission planner, does your mode change to autotune once u flick the switch? i mean, u can see it on mp at the main gui, (flight data) once u flick the switch, the mode will be appear there.. so now the idea is, without u try to fly it, try flick the autotune switch, and see at the mp, does it change? if it change, then, u are good to try. gudluck..

    • I can think of nothing  more to say that isn't either vulgar, derogatory, or both.

      Since you refuse to do what I've told you, I'm washing my hands.

  • Why dont you just allocate a switch on your Tx to channel 7, and set that channel in MP to Autotune?

    You just need to set your end points to that channel so the when the switch is activated, the PWM is over 1700...

    Then fly your craft in Althold and switch to Autotune, and let the FC do it's thing....

    Hope this helps.

    Best DP.

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