Change pin assignment for input in APM


My ch2 input(pitch) isnt working in the board. Some defect inside the board surely.  I have tested using every possible way and its not working.

I tried using radio calibration, used different Rx channel ( to ensure that Rx has probs) but the APM has a defect.

I want to use Ch7 or Ch8 ( AUX) as ch2(pitch). Which file do I edit in the source code?

And if anyone has been through please help me. I really worry if my new  heavy lifting hexacopter will every fly or not.

Video showing me testing it using the radio calibration method. the pitch channel dosnt move the readings!





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  • Developer

    Is this a RCTimer board? The problem is not with the board, most probably corrupt PPM encoder f/w on the 32u2

    You can reflash the PPM Encoder to fix the problem if above is the case. You can do it by putting the 32U2 into DFU and using FLIP to reprogram it OR you could simply use an usbasp or similar to flash it.

    PM me if you need any more help with the above process.

  • Hi Rahul,

    IMHO, before blaming the APM, you should try to test the various PWM channels used. Have you tested using simple Arduino program, and trying to send some signals on this pin? You can use the example in the library folder, for me it is located in:


    Just connect your RC receiver to your pins and control with your RC transmitter. In the serial debug window, check out the output.

    If this works: Then, it is perfect. Try to upload the code again, via Mission Planner.

    If CH2 output is kaput, then there is something to worry about.

    Keep us posted!

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