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Besides Release Notes, is there any site where current bug fixes are discussed?  There seems to be a few every day but who is finding the anomalies and how are they being fixed so quickly?

While I suppose the Developers are busy will real jobs and coding improvements but it sure would be nice to read about what's currently under development, what's coming and what bugs are known to exist.

Any idea when APM 2.5/6 will be obsolete?

Is there any UAV that is more mature than APM/Pixhawk?

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    Try here: discussion group


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    All that's happening on the development site on GitHub. You can follow all the daily commits and builds in the repository here.  The issue tracker (issues reported by both users and developers, many of which are not actually issues but are checked out regardless) is here

    APM 2.5/2.6 has a long life ahead of it. Although it doesn't have enough memory to add the new features that will be in Pixhawk, it's one of the most mature and tested autopilots out there and will continue to be both manufactured and supported. 

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