ESC breaking?

I noticed that when I cut the throttle the motors stop very quickly. And when the propellers are still (while power is on) and I hit them with the finger they does not spin any turns (like when power is off).

This leads me to think the ESC has breaking activated.

I bought a hexa kit from here:


The vendor said these (noname) ESC´s are not programmable.


SHOULD the breaking be activated? Is breaking activated on the original kits sold?

Will it make noticeable difference (one way or the other...?)


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  • Well, if they're selling it as a kit, especially one that costs $240 euros, one would hope they sell ESCs that have the braking off.  Braking is recommended to be OFF for quads.  I think the reason is that you don't want the props to just stop, since the quad will just drop from the sky if your throttle gets too low, unlike airplanes which still have lift even with the throttle down to zero.

  • 3D Robotics

    We don't have braking turned on in the official ArduCopter kits, but I don't think it should cause any problem either way.

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