Flying indoors, do we need GPS?

I have an ArduMega 2560 with GPS and Compass to install on a Quad frame. I would like to be able to fly this indoors and outdoors.

Is the GPs required for the system initialize or fly stabilized?

Can it be disbled via a switch?



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  • Developer

    If you are using default software as I think you are, rebooting takes around 15 seconds longer if GPS is not connected. This is does not cause trouble but it might confuse people on first.


    Timeout comes from GPS tests and it takes 15 seconds to test all possible GPSes that we have programmed in the software. If you plan to compile your own software you can easily avoid this extra delay by disabling GPS.


    To disable GPS checkup on boot time add following line to your APM_Config.h and then compile it manually:




  • GPS is only used in one of the guided modes, so if you you keep your mode switch on Stabilize mode indoors, then the GPS is not used.

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