Follow Me Mode Problem

I have downloaded droid planner to my sony xperia mobile and I got the otg cable it's connecting each other quad and my mobile interlinked and when I was switched to LOITER mode and I was enabled the follow me mode it doesn't move what is the problem any body know's ? please let me know

Which step's I have followed for my quad

step 1 - I switched the internet on my mobile as well GPS and I connected the 3DR Telemetry to my mobile

step 2 - Switch on my transmitter same as my quad

step 3 - got the 3D fix it is stable at one place

step 4 - when I was going around with my mobile the quad doesn't move it sticks at one place !

what is the alternative Please Help ! :(

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  • I have exactly the same problem with Tower. It seems that you cant change flight mode directly with tower. Not just follow me , but I cannot change to any other flight mode through Tower app after I updated  it 

  • You must set the flight mode guides. Then it should work. Best regards from Germany ciao Klaus
    • which type of flight mode guides @Klaus ? I dont understand ,I have done like this toggled the switch to loiter and then I connected to droid planner in GCS and interlinked through 3DR telemetry as I'am following but it is not following me (I have checked the box in droid planner (follow me-Enabled)).


      looking at minute 6:41

      ciao Klaus

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