• These were developed by a Melbourne company (Hobbyzone) in conjunction with their Chinese partners. I've seen these batteries in action and the video evidence of a 90km range FPV flight from a 42Ah pack... the flight was done by another Melbourne company. EDIT: I notice now that they've also posted this video to the site you linked... check out the VIDEO tab.

    As Mike pointed out, you must ensure that you're not drawing more current than they can tolerate - they aren't as forgiving as LiPo. THe real benefit of Li-Ion over lipo? Weight. E.g.: A 3S 3500mAh Li-I for 150g... or a 3S 3300 LiPo at 300g? In the right setup, the Li-I will dominate as the pack of choice.

    In talking to the guys from Hobbyzone, their next target (subject to approvals) is a flight from Victoria to Tasmania. Good luck to them!

  • Having lost a fixed wing to a large Li-Ion pack I urge caution in using these. If you are WELL under the C rating then it might be viable but the Li-Ion do not tolerate pushing them, especially when so many cells and welds are involved, think points of failure.

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    • Thank's Mike to share your bad experience; perhaps someone build Li-ion batteries per cell like Lipo in near future, yes, lots of little cells soldered isn't looks too funny.

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