Frame modification

I added a third level to my q450 frame and re-arranged all the wiring and gps to fit under my dome nice and neat, I was also hoping to reduce the compass offsets by moving further away from the main power cables, but it actually didn't seem too help at all, in fact I think the y and z numbers went up….. but either way I think it looks a lot neater, what do you guys think? I used a piece of lexan to make the extra level, the level itself has a bit of vibration dampening by the way of silicon fuel hose and o-rings on the mounting screws , also the apm is mounted on neoprene mounting tape. Before I had the LED' indicators mounted on the dome as well as the GPS glued to the inside top of the dome , as you can see the third level catches the light from the indicators and it illuminates the lexan looks a lot neater, also now the dome can be removed freely. this is my first "Drone" project and I'm learning more an more everyday. Hope you guys like!




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  • Very Clean!  Is your mag under the GPS?  FYI, I had issues with mag interference and it turned out to be the metal screw used to attach the mag/GPS pod to the DIY lollipop standoff.

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