Getting WAY too into this!!!

Well... needless to day, my ArduCopter is becoming a bit of an obsession..... Here's a video of a few of the highlights from my first flights!!


Since then I've crashed a few times trying new things and made some modifications..... I've been working on ALT_HOLD for a bit and thing I made some great progress tonight on my sonar which I'll test tomorrow. Also, I think I have some PID tuning to do, with the 12x4.5 props on the 880 motors without any extra weight I've got a bit of oscillation when trying to hover and a lot (almost to the point of a crash) when descending from higher altitudes.


Once those issues are worked out I'll test way points, then maybe get a camera mounted on this thing and add some telemetry!!


Thanks so much to the entire ArduCopter team for all the work being done to keep this project moving.... I hope as my knowledge and experience grows I'll be able to contribute some things in return!


3690879819?profile=originalHere's a link to some more pics of the build: ArduCopter Build Pic on Facebook

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  • Nice work Steve

    Say what is the flat panel. Is that an iPad?
  • Developer

    Steve, values like this on your ArduCopter.


    Stabilize Roll/Pitch

    P : 2.3 - 2.4

    I : 0.015 - 0.020

    INT: 40.0


    With those my test quad with 880Kv motors and 12" composite props flies nice even when there are some gusts. Default settings are better for AC850 Kv motors and for 10" props.

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