Chevy Chase, MD

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Live in Washington DC and trying really hard not to get my first UAV shot down!

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I'd really like to come up with a stable enough platform to list my Canon dSLR

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Steve Castano replied to Steve Castano's discussion Current hardware, how much can I reuse?
"Does this mean it will be able to fly with the smartphone apps as well for the intelligent flights modes and mapping capability?
Will it also be capable of streaming video from a GoPro?"
Sep 12, 2016
Steve Castano posted a discussion
So... I've got one of the original APM2 board, decent ESCs, motors, props, etc... I basically have a totally working ArduCopter from years ago, but never flew it much because of how difficult it was to keep in the air and how much trouble I had…
Sep 9, 2016
Steve Castano replied to Murat's discussion R.I.P. Lost my Quad, APM2.6, GoPro, 600mW video Tx and many more... in ArduCopter User Group
"Ouch man... that's harsh. I've been away from working on my quads for a while, but I think it's time I jumped back in. I really want to work on getting FPV working also. It's time to do a little more reading!"
Mar 1, 2014
Steve Castano posted a discussion
So I've been tracking down some motor/ESC related problems and today I replaced a bad ESC from a motor that had been "stuttering" then giving up as it got too hot. The new ESC is in and working and the motor does start up now.... but the problem is…
Jul 30, 2011
Steve Castano replied to Steve Castano's discussion Bad motor? (again) Bad ESC maybe?
"OK, so I've replaced the ESC now, done a full ESC calibration..... and the motor attached to the new one I just put in is definitely spinning much slower than the other motors!
Any ideas?
Jul 30, 2011
Steve Castano replied to Steve Castano's discussion Bad motor? (again) Bad ESC maybe?
"Looks like I'm taking advice from a bunch of people. I've order up some spare 30Amp ESC's to try that, I'm going to look at powering the APM with its own BEC also: http://www.experiencerc.com/store/castle_peak_cseccbec-p-2731.html
Then we'll see…"
Jul 26, 2011
Steve Castano posted a discussion
So..... I guess you could consider me a bit of a nerd gone corporate sell out. I'm all for open source, home grown, new idea, etc..... but in the business world, it almost always means a loss of high availability and redundancy. So my brain is just…
Jul 26, 2011
Steve Castano replied to Roy Hotrabhvanon's discussion Arducopter Frame X Mode, Mounting?
"Here's mine.... I have it mounted just off to the side so the pins used fall to either side of the standoff. Make the perfect amount of space for the my receiver also.

From ArduCopter

Jul 24, 2011
Steve Castano posted a discussion
I thought I had a bad motor but...... When I first start the quad it seems like everything is fine. (maybe because its all cool?) Then I can fly around for a few minutes..... seems to stay in the air with no problems, fairly level, ALT_HOLD works…
Jul 22, 2011
Steve Castano posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
Well... needless to day, my ArduCopter is becoming a bit of an obsession..... Here's a video of a few of the highlights from my first flights!! Since then I've crashed a few times trying new things and made some modifications..... I've been working…
Jul 20, 2011