Go to waypoint after Loiter_Unlimited command

Hi all,

I currently have the following commands on my mission.

1) Takeoff

2) Loiter_Unlimited

3) WP 

According to the article on the MAV_CMD:

The mission will not proceed past this command while in AUTO mode. In order to break out of this command you need to change the mode (i.e. to MANUAL). If there are subsequent commands then you can continue the mission at the next command, if the Copter MIS_RESTART parameter is set to resume, by switching back to AUTO mode (otherwise the mission will restart).

However, I wasn't able to do so. The only way I can get it to WP 3 is from the Mission Planner. Which is not really ideal for my project. 

Is there any other way I can achieve this from the transmitter? 


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  • Hi, you have made a fundamental "Basic" mistake.

    "Loiter_Unlimited", excludes anything else from happening.

    In plain English, you told the aircraft to loiter until the end of times, when in auto.

    Do manual take off, manual loiter, then auto task.

    • Hi Gustav,

      Thanks for your input. My project requires me to loiter at a specific location and wait for a cue to start moving off. There are 4 drones (bounded by a transmitter) flying with a different paths. So the ideal situation is to get all of them moving at the same time after loiter_unlimited.



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