GPS firmware update ( uBlox LEA 6H from 3DR Robotics)

Hello :) ,

is it possible to update this GPS from 3DR Robotics through the APM 2.5 to newer firmware ?

I expect to have more SAT's 3D fixed after that. Will this work?

I suppose I will have access to GLONASS / Galileo SAT's after the update, right or wrong?

After that I understand from Randy's video on YT,  that I have to make a complete new firmware upload, setup, parameters and calibrations to the APM 2.5 board after the pass-through step because all the data will be lost.


Thanks in advance for some input or corrections!


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  • No. There is no update enabling the 3DR V1.1 for GLONASS and Galileo. The latter system won´t work til 2020 anyways. If you want to receive GLONASS and GPS concurrently, you´ll have to buy a GNSS system with u-blox 8 chipset, but don´t buy a cheapo with 3rd choice design. components,antennas

    Examples for great GNSS, I´m using :

    Meanwhile DroTek and CSG are even offering GNSS assemblies with large Groundplane / shielding for about 90 bucks. If you´ve got space,go for it

    • Hi,

      thank you very much for your detailed answer and recommendation :)

      I already was in contact with the DroTec guys in France after reading your info.

      If they manage to explain me well how to install and configure the correct baud rate and other values, I'll take the GPS from them.

      Nice would be to have a protective shell for the item :)

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