• Hobbyking Graphene Lipo Review and Teardown

    A video Disassembling batteries

  • Good battery info here

    I used to buy my batteries from this guy at rcjuice they were called Basher series batteries. The 3S 5200 Mah flight time was 10 minutes. Then he changed his batteries what he's selling now and even though it tested at over 5200 Mah the flight time dropped to 7!! I don't get it. Too bad the older batteries were on sale sometimes for $30! 

    • Graham: grap looks no much difference with others in price and weight, If it is thrue that don't lost v at the end, looks interesting for racers? or looks too heavy?

      Good info Richard, Thank's 

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    2200mAh 3S batteries from Hobbyking International Warehouse:

    Turnigy Graphene      - $22.53 - 225g - 65C -

    Turnigy Nano-Tech       $19.99 - 201g - 45-90C -

    Turnigy Bolt HV          - $25.39 - 203g - 65-130C -

    Their claim to fame seems to be the very high cycle life, low IR (even after 100's of cycles) and less voltage drop under load

  • Thank's Gabor, good to know

    Tony -10c???? BRRRR!!!!! and what's about you? ....FROZEN!!! :o

    • Cala IT'S BAD up here. Today is -23. So i am grounded probably until mid march. 

    • GLUPP!!! You need an indoor copter, I couldn't imagine that temp :O . Now I'm going to remember you in winter when I don't want to fly because are 5 or 10ºC outside and go anyway ;)

    • Yes hahaha :) I am jealous. 

  • For me up here in Canada its important for a battery to have good internal resistance during the cold winter. I try to fly at -10C and normally i get 20 min mix flight. At that temp i could not even get 5 min. The voltage drop is crazy. MAybe these batteries will deliver better performance in cold temp..

    Next thing to try is fusion cores from fallout. Best performance :p 

  • I agree that C rating is really overated, I use Multistar 6S 10000Mah x 2  in my big copter and so far they are working great. however I have at least 25min flying time so I try not to use it beyond 2C to 3C. I also balance them everytime I go out flying.

    My opinion is that is much better to invest in a good charger rather than an expensive battery

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