HELP! 2.4GHz FPV System refuses to get signal!

Hello Everyone, 

My FPV set up is a 500mW 2.4Ghz system, and I cant get the VTx to establish a connection to my Vrx. I always get the "No Signal" + static on my Hobbyking DIY FPV V2's. Before I start the description, below is a list of the equipment I'm using. Pictures of my wiring, and a drawn schematic of the wiring, are available at this link --

Flight Controller: HKPilot 32 (Beautiful Hobbyking Pixhawk Clone) 

Video TransmitterTBS Unify 2G4 500mW

Video Receiver: Lawmate RX-2460

CameraQuanum Super Mini 520TVL FPV Camera

OSD: Micro OSD (Smaller MinimOSD derivative designed to perfectly fit Pixhawk & APM)

I'm pretty confident my wiring is fine, because everything seems to be getting power with all the correct LED lights lighting up. I know the camera is on because it get a bit warm too. The problem begins when I switch both my FPV systems on. I've tried all channels 1 through to 8 by adjusting the DIP switches on the RX & TX accordingly, but I still always get "No Signal". 

I've even tried connecting the vtx straight to the camera and BEC, without the OSD in the middle, and I still didn't manage to get a signal. Hence ruling out the possibility of the OSD being the problem. 

I did notice however that when I got the Antennas of the VTX and VRX very close, the constantly appearing and disappearing horizontal black lines in the screen static would disappear. They would then slowly re-appear as I brought the antennas further away from each other again. 

I am currently set on the Channel 1, 2410 Ghz band on my Vtx and Vrx. 

I've spent a lot of time, effort, and money on this, so any help on getting this work would be massively appreciated :):D

Thank You!

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    • right right, will check and see and get back soon. Thanks

    • Hi Clifton, 

      Im pretty sure. The channel 1 (2410 Mhz) position for the TBS Unify 2G4 VTX is all dip switches down. For the Lawmate RX-2460 VRX, channel 1 (2410 Mhz) is no.1 dip switch down, all other dip switches up. 

      Also, Im not using any boscam or fatshark systems. Just Team Blacksheep VTX, and a Lawmate receiver, both of which are said to be compatible on the tbs website.

      I just tested my monitor (good idea I didn't think of that idk why) and recorded a video so you can see whats going on. Heres a link to the video --

  • It looks like your using a circular polarizing antenna an the vTx and a liner polarized antenna on your vRx. Try the same antenna type on both vTx and rTx.

    I don't have a FPV system myself but my understanding is that antenna polarization needs to match or you get poor if any signal.

    Also make sure you never power up your vTx without an attached antenna since that can damage your vTx
    • One the bench antennas don't mater.   The only thing that does matter is having an antenna on the transmitter when you power it up.

      I can take my V2 goggle out doors and get signal for a good 100' or so from a 200mW transmitter in the house.

      And, if you are going to use CP antennas, conventional wisdom is to put the 4 leaf on your receiver and the 3 leaf on the transmitter.  Of course there are some heated arguments going on about this, but from my perspective good video is more about receiver antenna gain and receiver sensitivity.

    • Hi. I've tried with a linear polarized antenna on both ends as well, and it didn't work then. . Besides most sources say it doesn't matter if you have a linear polarised and a circular. The picture without the VTX antenna was with everything turned off, so the LED's wouldn't blind the photo. 

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