I just built my first APM 2.5 quad running latest firmware , i did all of the steps and after calibrating my compass i get 




offsets the top number is very high is this normal I'm running a 450 flame wheel frame , q-brain speed control and 4000Mah battery I've tried calibrating with the battery and without andIi get near same results,,,,, I'm worried about this causing issues in the maiden flight....

Update: just flew the quad it hovers ok but drifts in stabilize mode I tried to autotrim and it still seems to drift but nothing I cant handle when I put it into alt lock mode it seems to stop drifting as bad....I tied giving full rotation in one direction as to pirouette ithis causes it to drift badly from its position and loose a bit of altitude in stabilize mode.

any help would be great Ive tried doing compass cal with just the apm in my hand after first flight and I still get the same numbers.......

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    The top offset is a bit high.  It's not necessarily a problem but more likely indicates that you have some metal near the apm.  a screw, some other electronics or something like that.

    There's a page here on the wiki with links to explanations of the flight modes.  Stabilize mode will drift..the pilot controls the angle of the copter and the throttle so it's position will drift unless you actively stop it.

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