help to analyze a failed Pixhawk auto mission


I had a failed auto mission with Pixhawk 2.4. In fact it completed the first waypoints and started to land a little bit before waypoint 6. What us strange is that mission planner was saying "waypoint 9" where it was supposed to land. How could that be mission planner thinks the drone is landing at waypoint 9 (last mission point) when the drone is actually not even at waypoint 6 ??

At least I did not loose the craft. I post hereunder mission planner screens and the mission log for anyone who could help me understand what happened. I suspect it has to do with the "GPS glitch" protection that somehow messed up the auto mission.

3691102854?profile=original3691102451?profile=originalAnd attached is my log.


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  • MR60

    No one to analyze my flight log ? 

    • im sorry bro!! maybe perhaps the GPS mistook the WP9 as it was very close to the other point(WP6), maybe

    • MR60

      yes could be. That is indeed more or less the explanation I received on the forum : the aircraft in auto mission starts already to point to the WP+1, which I find strange but seems to be the way it is working. So the workaround that was communicated to me was to add a fake additional WP at the end of the mission.

      I do not know however if this behaviour has been modified (corrected I should say) in the last 3.2.1 firmware. Maybe a developer might want to chime in.

  • MR60

    @Thor, Total distance is 350 meters (you can see it on my posted picture) and I have two 6S 6000mah (12000 mah total) which give a flight autonomy of 15 minutes with this X8. It is not a battery issue, I would have noticed and it would have failsafed which it did not do.

  • What was you total Distance and what was your battery type?

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