High frequency oscillations after upgrading from 2.9


I have been flying AC2.9 on my QAV500G for a while. It works great. I now upgraded to AC3.1 and suddenly I get very high frequency oscillations in roll (low amplitude). If I reduce my P-gains drastically the oscillations disappears, but then the QAV gets sloppy. 

Is there an explanation on why this could happen when moving from 2.9 to 3.1? I have performed all calibration steps except for the ESCs.

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  • Vibration at the FC?

    Can you post logs?

    • I have recorded IMU-data in a log today. It was a short flight as the oscillations are severe. Still, as I read the IMU data the vibration levels are within the tolerances given in the Wiki.

      2014-03-24 20-58-25.log

  • Interesting......

    I too loaded the latest code into my standard 3DR quad, APM 2.5, no tweaking of code.

    It flew fine.

    I then did a COMPASSMOT in CLI, and suddenly the quad is all over the place.

    Reloaded the code, no COMPASSMOT, and the quad flies just about perfect, again.

    Just my 2 million Zim $'s.......

    • >2 million Zim $

      I remember paying 42 trillion for a couple of bananas. I actually still have a 100 Trillion $ note.

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