High quality & reliability ESC for multirotor use


I am searching for high quality 30a simonk flashed ESCs that can handle up to 4S. I  can't seem to find information on which are good & reliable ESCs, and really don't want to buy subpar hardware that is prone to failure - I am hoping the cummunity can help, with our combined experiences, to identify a great option;  not only for me but new users looking for similar information.

Here is what I am currently using:


here is what I am looking at:

http://www.getfpv.com/lumenier-30-amp-esc-with-simonk-firmware.html (same as hobby king f30 ?  Any good?)



Back story:

Unfortunately I had issues with mismatched (some not flashed with simonk) 20amp 3DR ESC and was forced to buy replacements from a different vendor. The new ESCs I bought only handle up to 3S, and I'd like the ability to go 4S.

I am going for 30amp since this is what the spec sheet for the 3DR 850kv motors recommend.. Which makes me wonder why 3DR sells their multirotors with 20amp. http://stuff.storediydrones.com/A2830.pdf. Anyone have insight into why they would do this?

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  • MR60

    The best ESCs for SimonK must answer the following criteria:

    -Have only NFET transistor and no P/N mix

    -Have an external oscillator to remain consistant as temperature rises

    -If you are not using BEC from the ESC to power APM or something else, I would advise to go for "OPTO" (meaning there is no BEC)

    A list of validated ESCs to be used with SimonK is officially given here : http://wiki.openpilot.org/display/Doc/RapidESC+Database


    That being said, I would strongly advise to avoid any of the rctimer ESCs as they have very bad press all over the forums on this topic.

    The HK F-30 seem to be recognized as being the best (and for a good price) SimonK ESCs you could buy. I personnally use the Blueseries 40 amps, flashed with SimonK. I selected it by looking at the boards recto/verso picture (published in the link above) to verify how soldering is done. Blueseries seem to be the best solder quality, just by visual inspection.

  • I've experience with the getfpv ones and the Afros and am very happy with both; I have also had experience with the RCTimer ones, and more on that in a moment.  I only had 4 of the getfpv ones and while they worked very well I did lose them to a small pond.  When I replaced them, I went with the RCTimer ones and have gotten a lot of flack for picking them up due to poor customer service out of RCTimer as well as inconsistent results.  I didn't have any issues for at least six months of using them, and then lost 3 across two airframes in about two weeks.  I've since ordered enough Afros to replace everything as needed, and as the RCTimers fail I'll move to them, one airframe (not one motor) at a time.

    I don't know this part about the others, but I do know that the Afros have been built to support DIY I2C control, which will be very nice for autopilots like the PIXHAWK that can receive data back from the ESC.  Unless loads of people start having gobs of problems with the Afros, I'll likely never buy a different ESC for any of my Multi's - and that is NOT to say that the other ESCs aren't terrific ESC's, it's just where I am in my head currently.  

  • To be honest it sounds like you can't be bothered to do any research
    If they are similar to the hk30 3-4s 30amp esc why not buy the set the standard f30 esc? Update the firmware yourself... And while your at it pay Simon k a donation for being smart!
  • I use these and they work really well and they match your specs:



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