• Thanks Martin and F11music.  Using your fingers seems to me to be very inaccurate.  Thats sort of what I do now.  I realize you can subtract out minor imbalances using the in-air leveling.   


    I'm seeing a yaw 15 degrees counterclockwise upon takeoff, which I've read is due to an imbalance of some sort.  So I'm going back to basics, ensuring COG, thrust, motor alignment, etc. is spot on.  next, I might try replacing each leg's motor-ESC-prop combination to try to fine the slight imbalance in the system.

    And I tried  in-air leveling today, with no joy.


    Is there an easier way to fine the imbalance causing the yaw on takeoff??  



  • Even if the copter is a little off balance it will balance itself assuming the props are all on the same plane. Having it balanced will just help keeping an even load on the motors. I've been working on balancing this week but realized props being level is important to keep it flying level and the best way I came up with doing that is to measure the distance from level ground to each prop to make sure they are equal. I still have to trim my pitch and roll a little bit once in the air but not much.
  • COG is right in the middle. Techniques to seek the middle point can vary.

    I use my fingers 180 Deg across the center to where it does not tilt and again at 90 Deg rotated.

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