How is this guy getting this FPV range/ battery time?

Not sure what this guy is using to accomplish this fpv run but I have never seen anyone go that far off. He must have a huge battery and a super powerful transmitter. Looks like he is just running stock stuff from the beginning of the video but what do I know. Pretty entertaining anyway ;)

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      I have a HAM license.

      I am using 433 MHz for APM telemetry. Would this interfere with RangeLink UHF?

    • You would think the 433 MHz telemetry would interfere with the RangeLink UHF, but actually it doesn't seem to be a problem. Here's a test I performed:

      1. Put the RangeLink tx in the "Micro" super low power mode intended for testing range.

      2. Move the RangeLink tx into another room until you start seeing occasional packet loss on the rx side.

      3. Move the 433 MHz telemetry radio close to or even touching the receiver antenna and see if there is any additional packet loss.

      In my tests, with the telemetry set for 50 different channels and full power, no additional packet loss was seen until the telemetry radio was less than an inch away from the RangeLink receiver antenna. Using only 5 channels and a narrower band, but still at full power, no additional packet loss was seen even if the telemetry antenna and RangeLink receiver antenna were parallel side by side and no distance between them (touching).

    • David, I am not very familiar with RangeLink UHF.

      Can you tell me if I can update my actual dx6i Tx to use RangeLink UHF?

      Any link for RangeLink UHF how to upgrade or manual?

      Tx, chris

    • Yes, you can use it with any radio that has a PPM output.

      Manual here:

  • I've had a bit of a setback in trying to replicate these long-range FPV results. Turns out with the 1.3GHz FPV equipment that I bought, almost no obstacle penetration whatsoever is possible, even flying behind trees only tens of meters away---unless the vehicle is absolutely stationary, which is basically never going to be the case if you're flying FPV.

    The reason seems to be that the radio module in the 1.3GHz receiver has a hard time adjusting quickly to changes in signal strength. If you're flying high in the sky Line-Of-Sight and without any obstacles in your Fresnel zone, then it's fine, because signal strength will only change very slowly, even if you're far away. But flying behind trees, even trees just tens of meters away, will cause signal strength to vary quite rapidly, and the receiver module can't keep up with that. Video picture becomes a completely unusable mess of white streaks and flashes.

    This is not an issue for 5.8 GHz, because 5.8 GHz receivers use newer module technology that can react to changes in signal strength very rapidly. However, 5.8 GHz radio signals penetrate very poorly, so you can only fly behind obstacles if you're flying very close range.

    I contacted ReadyMadeRC about this, but they said this is a non-issue, because their FPV equipment is not designed for flying behind obstacles. I then pointed out that the issue affects VLOS flight as well, because nearby obstacles that do not block LOS can also cause sudden changes in signal strength due to absorbing or reflecting part of the signal. They recommended I try some other brands' receivers, and to let them know if I found any better options.

    So any suggestions on what 1.3GHz receiver I should try next? I was thinking perhaps I'd try a Lawmate receiver, but maybe someone here can give me some other advice?

  • I'm working on a repeater that should get similar range.  This quad gets 25min flight time and will position hold with the Naza and RTH on low battery.  My smaller quad I'll use FPV'ing will use 433 control and 1.2 video.  The larger quad will carry the repeater that I've wired up.  Its a 1.2 vrx  connected to the input of a 5.8 vtx.  The 5.8 vtx will rebroadcast my FPV signal down to the 5.8 vrx in my goggles.  

    The idea being, I can fly the larger quad with the repeater up and out and put into position hold for the duration of the FPV flight.  It'll then act as an elevated relay station for as long as its battery holds.

  • 85 min in the air at 0 Celsius,nothing fancy in setup except very light(but still able to carry go pro)panasonic factorygrade LiIon battery and new bearings on motors

    Props: foxtech 17x5,5
     Motors: turnigy Multistar 390KV
     ESC: turnigy Plush 12A
     FC: Naza with GPS
     Battery: 4S4P Panasonic NCR 18650
     AUW: 1500gr
     Flighttime: 85min

  • Motorbike tracking vehicle!
  • Awesome vids! I wonder if he had thought of just using and airplane instead, since he flies it like one anyway ;)

  • loooooool.

    Times ?
    28 minutes on RTF Phantom std battery - usually - enjoy w NICE music

    DragonLlink  6-10 miles usually
    80km record range (3.5 hourd full video


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