How is this guy getting this FPV range/ battery time?

Not sure what this guy is using to accomplish this fpv run but I have never seen anyone go that far off. He must have a huge battery and a super powerful transmitter. Looks like he is just running stock stuff from the beginning of the video but what do I know. Pretty entertaining anyway ;)

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    • And I don't use diversity or directional antennas usually. Just CPs
    • It sounds like the problem is with your setup then. I run the same vtx/rx on two different quads and I have none if the trouble you describe. I regularly cruis at 40mph without any cutout at all.

      I assume you have a lot of experience with fpv gear, but I don't know. Setup and wiring is what determines performance. More so than hardware even sometimes
    • I guess it's possible, but considering that it works just fine behind small buildings and it works fine at large distances, I don't think it's a setup issue. The reason it doesn't work flying behind trees is that all the trunks and branches cause the signal strength to vary rapidly (buildings are more uniform in their signal-blocking ability), and the receiver modules are still using 1980's designs that are slow and can't keep up with the variation in signal strength (or so I've been told).

      It could also be that the trees here are very moisture-laden compared to your trees.

      However, if you can provide any hints on improving my setup I'll certainly try it out.

  • Amazing, can anyone recognize the video transmitter in that video?

    I realized that this transmitter and receiver I bought at RMRC is likely actually a relabeled cheap Chinese brand (the case, connectors, antennas and even some of the remaining labeling matches EXACTLY). This identical rx + tx combo retails for only 230 yuan ( $38 ) here in China; it's the cheapest option on the market. It's also quite outdated, as the Chinese manufacturer has new and better versions out.

    So now I feel pretty stupid for paying $140 for this set from RMRC, and it doesn't even work properly. I will be avoiding ReadyMadeRC in the future.

    I'm still considering buying the Lawmate gear, but it's going to cost me about another $140, so still thinking about it.

    Other news: Got my RC control upgraded to RangeLink UHF, and range is better than the 2W boosted FrSky I was using before, even with the RangeLink tx module set to the 200mW low-power mode. Quite pleased with it!

    • Down the middle of his copter, looks like a tremendous heat-sink.

      He wouldn't be running like 10W or something and just fooling us with a cheap Tx dummy "right in the middle " of the screen??

      In industrial applications, I've run the control signals actually over one of the sound channels.

    • Looks to me like that extreme velcro type stuff - I had assumed it was for moving the camera around...

    • Yes, that is clearly 3m extreme Velcro. I should know, I go through rolls of it like toilet paper
    • Ah, good thinking. So where does one get a 10W video tx?

    • Doubling power does not double range, i cant recall but i think doubling power gives you 1/2 or was it 1/4 more.

    • If we double the power then range should be the original range times sqrt(2). But if we had a 10W tx we'd be increasing power by over ten times, so we should get over 3 times the range. Three times my current range sounds pretty good to me.

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