How on earth do you use droneshare ??

3691149056?profile=originalI must be very stupid but I can't find how to upload logs on droneshare. This is the screenshot I get : can't find any button, no right click menus, no nothing to upload a log...

Am I in the fourth dimension or what ?

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  • 3D Robotics

    We just released v1.0 to production with fixes to some of your the issues discussed here:

  • 3D Robotics

    @Hugues thanks for the feedback hope you were able to upload your logs ok, service is still in beta and we appreciate the feedback, that said let me point to you to whats next for Droneshare:

    - Updated UI/UX, we know its a bit complicated to do things right now, in our immediate future we have some clearer paths do achieve simple tasks, uploading a log shouldn't be a daunting task and should be as intuitive as possible

    - Strong focus on data discovery and sharing, you should be able to find logs searching by any parameter you'd like and on any given coordinates

    - Better plotting UI and more granular control over what do plot

    - Airspace warnings ( where not and where to fly )

    I'd encourage you to read a post I did this week about DroneShare (, there are better descriptions of what we are doing next and some clear path on how to help us.

    Thanks again for trying DroneShare, please let me know if theres anything I can do to help.

    • 3D Robotics

      An improved Droneshare is now out in 1.0 form. There will be a major UI revamp in the next version, but right now the functionality is clearer and items like log upload easy to find. 


    • MR60

      trhx for the updtae, will try it!

    • 3D Robotics

      Thanks Chris, I just pushed this to production so we can now link to

  • Developer

    @Hugues: a very simple way of using droneshare is by connecting your drone to droidplanner. The logs uploads will be handled on the background.

    • That only works if you have droidplanner, of course.  I sure wish there would be a planner for the iOS devices :)

  • Noticed a few issues:

    - Cannot attach profile pic; directs you to some wordpress site

    - The Recent flight page stays the same, even if I upload a new flight

    - After uploading, shouldn't the map zoom to your flight path? Mine just sits there at an empty world map.

    - Should the map show flights in my area?

    - Uploading is supposed to detect flight controller - it does not

    • There is a github site for droneshare that you're able to report those to as well if you like

  • Mouse over your name, go to your profile, your models are there (once you create them) and then you go "into" each model to then drag .bin or .log files in.  Agreed its not the most intuitive yet, but, its easy once you do it once.

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