how to recover apm burned?

hello to all, yesterday(like typed in the thread before) i burned out my apm 2.6. I checked inside case and i find the smd diode burned, so i replaced with a little wire. 
The fuse looks good and i can mesure 5.2 V between gnd and fuse.

Now the apm, when plugged by usb, get power, greed solid led+red flashing led, but its impossible to hook to mission planner.

Its recognized from device menage, but when i push connect over mission planner, its starts the countdowm with "trying connect" but then nothing appear.

I tryed to upload firmware, but with no succes (connection error)

What can i do before to waste it?

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  • I had a power module blow out and did much the same thing to a Pixhawk.

    It would actually still boot and fly quite well, you couldn't connect to it.

    I could identify the chip that got fried, the multiplexer I think, but unless you could rework the board it is toast.

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