Hi,I was trying to get my head around the code in arducopter 2.0.36 to see if I could set up an IF condition to detect if the attitude read from the IMU shows that the quad is inverted and then turn on the relay, which in turn ejects a parachute from the base of the quad, and at the same time kills the output to the motors.Where in the code would I put an IF condition and what can I query to get back the roll and pitch values being detected?Also, when you guys have had a crash has the quad been in an inverted position when you have lost control and fallen from the sky or is it mostly from just drifting into trees and buildings?

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    OK I found a product that can use a bike CO2 canister to launch a parachute!



  • Just loaded the latest trunk version and selected RELAY for CH6.

    And it works. Great guys, thx!!!

  • Could someone share the code to activate the relay through the TX. Maybe some people can use this feature to activate something else than a parachute. 

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    It would be great if we could have small CO2 loaded parachute that can be "fired out" in case of emergency. Maybe shute cannot be so big but If nothing else, it would slow down dramatically falling speed. Thou I have crashed my hexas from 30 meters and still damage was rather minimal. Ok having expensive camera on board that time would probably make me feeling sad :)

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    If system works normally, ACM cannot be inverted when you are flying on stabilize based fight modes. If we are thinking dead falling from sky it usually falls a bit sideways. If crash is due broken motor,esc,prop etc it can come down which ever way depending on the pilot it self. Same happens if you run out of batteries, there are no way to tell which way it falls.


    Most crashes that we have been having during software test time shave been totally random but always one arm has been getting most of the damages. And mostly they just have been stupid piloting errors like doing some extreme stunts, pushing the limits, flying on areas that you should not fly like in garage, under/close to trees and so on...


    If motor,esc,prop fails it does not go upside down, it starts to spin with speed depending on the throttle output.

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