I have had my ardu system for a couple months, I have it all soldered together with the GPS,

Xbee down link, Sonar sensor, air speed sensor.  

I have been flying the DJI WooKong system on the Fyetech.com Y6 and the multiwiicopter.com scarab

with great results no waypoints though.

I want to start using my arducopter stabilization and IMU/GPS system with my Fyetech.com Y6 scorpion. I already have the motors and the ESCs in and ready to go.

WHERE would I start here to use this Y6 system to show how much better the arducopter is???


Please help!!!!!


thank you.


Paul G

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  • Paul, not to divert you from Arducopter but I think this is what you were waiting for



    The sad news is it will cost more than the DJI itself base on other forums. It will be close to MK.


    But dont get me wrong Arducopter still fun and can do similar/equivalent feature at a fraction of the cost. Not to mention it can be customize to your liking if are into programming :D

  • I love flying them both but the DJI is intended for more steady video shooting (hobby grade not pro shooting). Arducopter can do it but the code is not yet ready for an all-rounder IMHO. Its still a great flight controller and I have 3 of them on different frames. All 3 have different characteristic so to speak.

    One question why do you need waypoints if you wanted to do night flying? I love flying my X4 at night too but mostly on stable mode only or alt_hold if I want to fly low.


    For the PDB, there is a PDB for Hexa and Y6 jdrones have it. I bought it from them. I think other companies have it too like photoshipone and kk (i think). but they DIYdrones pdb is all worth it with the connectors for the ESC signal so you have lesser cables going to the board.

  • This mentions the Y6.  I have built the Scorpion with AC2 and enjoy it, but it takes some time to tune it.  There is one bug that I am aware of in V.49:  it will yaw to the left 30 degrees or so when given a right yaw command.  During the flight it will become less and less.  It is on the bug list.  I run V.42 and it is better.  There are few people flying Y6's that are able to write code to help with this.  If you get it flying I would like to know the PID's you settled on.  It is a great sport flyer and can descend with great stablility.


    If you choose V.49/50 I would like to know your experience.



  • Paul, my path was reverse I have the arducopter first now I have the DJI WKM. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Arducopter is not as easy as the DJI, basically the WKM can run on default settings without violent oscillation or strong tipping during take off. Its NOT because arducopter is bad but its because it requires extra care when configuring/calibrating. There is no real quick guide. The learning curve for the arducopter is not that hard as long as you are willing to experiment and play around. It can be both frustrating and rewarding at the same time. The arducopter 2 is still in beta stage but its nearing the release specially with the v50 which I am about to test.


    On a side note I have an arducopter loaded on a fyetech X4, trimming down a bit the PID and they will almost always fly on well on all version (excepts those once with alt_hold problem). Even loiter/RTL/waypoint should be good.

    Try to go over the wiki and see how you feel. X4 Y6 or what ever frame is just a matter of selecting it. Tuning it is a different topic.


  • Here you go...have fun! http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/ArduCopter2Quick

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