I've lost my LEGO done in Auto, gopro attached :(

I got a 3D lock after 20 min of walking, have tlog but right as I did the battery died on phone before I could find it.

Once I got the 3d lock I was sure I would have all I needed so I went home,  I never armed it or anything

I looked in the tlogs and I don't see any lat lon

This is the log from the flight before it lost contact with droid planner, prob not much use

After that I lost contact and 20 min of waiting to return home I walked near location

It started to get dark and I got a 3d lock, as luck would have it battery died before I could find it.
Here are the other logs that seemed to show no lat long when I converted to text/klm


Tower seems to show more logs than these, a few were 0 bytes so I removed those

The location I pulled the logs from was, can someone confirm that's correct and that there is not more

\Internal storage\Android\data\org.droidplanner.services.android\files\tlogs\org.droidplanner.android

Any help on just getting that location would be great.

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  • I just got back from looking again and there no way to walk off path, total palmetto bush and weeds, being in Mid Florida I am very worried about snakes and many gators so cant leave path without a good location.  I have a bluetooth LE beacon but the Bluetooth LE beacon never reported anything so theres no telling where its at unless I can get some contact to get logs.
    Heres where I walked, I guess its lost forever, very sad :-(


    • So where on that route did you get a signal ?

    • approx. 0.4 mile mark, walked clockwise.
      Heading out again when it cools off a bit.

      But I really cant leave the path unless I have some signal or visual, its that bad out there for sure, bringing a buddy next time.

    • Sad indeed. I looked at the tlog 04_08. The data is too spotty, to me anyway,  to know for sure where it was headed.

    • Thank you very much.  After it never came back and I walked pressing the "connect" button and it said to me "3d lock" near location 0.4 I was sure the coordinate would have been writing to one of the logs, but it sure looks like it was not.  Does anyone know if I needed to arm it or something to get the first cood to write out.  If so, darn, that would have been an exact location and I could have went direct to it.  Im just not sure why I cant find that last "connect" coord.

  • I would hazard a guess and say that if you received a signal once it was on the ground, you were no further than about 100 meters from it.

    Narrows the search area down quite a lot :-)

    • yes but its in the woods :(  so I need a pretty good location, I do have a bluetooth le on it, will look again tomorrow.
      Hoping logs would show

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