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When you run the Arduino code to program which board type does one select?  Is there a setup guide?

When I run the configurator .exe the save to board completes with a Done message appearring but read from the board always reads a default pattern and not what was saved.

Both the Arduino code and configurator need some setup tutorial or instructions.  It would sure help the new users get things up and running without having to become developers.

The configurator.exe in X mode, are the arms named correctly?  The two front are label rear?  The LED control is only for the REAR LEDS? 

I would like to use the Arduino IDE code since is seems to control all arms but cant get the code to upload.  A tutorial that covers the cable FTDI to USB, the code, the steps to upload and configure would be great.

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  • I noticed the ioboard was a pita to get into load mode without a proper reset button like the arduino micros. Reset the board or apply power right as the arduino ide starts to flash.

    I'll take some screen shots tonight. I'm using my own code as I couldnt get the configuration working and I wanted to use an rc channel signal to trigger mode changes.
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