JR 12ch receiver not recognized by ACM

Loaded the new MP and .50 and tried useing my JR 12X and R1221 receiver. The R1221 (12channel) wasn't recognized by the ACM. Wouldnt go through the servo setup. The receiver was bound and working well with a servo, but not with the ACM. I tried an older AR9000 Spektrum Rx and it worked fine.

Could there be somthing I need to do diferently?

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  • did u mean its not CONNECT  ???

    u mean u have arducopter and want to fly but cant connect ?

    or u r talking about SERVOs ??

  • Davey, There is no distinction in the 12X or the matching 12ch receiver. No facility to change it to accomodate digital vs analog servos. At least none I have found in the manual.


    F8, You may be correct there. They had to make room somewhere for the extra channels. Overlapping may have been the solution.


  • Can you try connecting every other channel( only odd channels)?

    It can be the same problem as I have:


  • Hi,

    The receiver isnt in high speed digital servo mode is it?

    Some receivers have a mode where the update eery 7ms instead of 14ms. This would potentially cause problems.
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