LED lighting for Quad via Arduino

Hello all, Thought I would share my concept of LED lighting for my recently built Quad. I decided to wire up an LED strip with an Arduino mega. With the Mega board I am able to control the flashing sequence and the RGB LED's allow any color as well. This is very helpful for orientation at night and even at larger distances. Facing right I see the left side LED's and vice versa. Ultimately the MEGA board is a bit large so a micro board would fit better.

This is my first quad build and have had a blast toying with it. So far no problems with the setup, compass, etc, although the 5000Mah 4s 35C battery was quite powerful and I had to back the throttle to around 400, vice 550 for mid throttle hover. And yes those are legos for the landing gear.


Quad lighting.MP4



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