After near tree months I recived happy the Lidar Lite V2, but now I have a concern because, apparently is discontinued?

something wrong with this thing?

It's a risk to put on my quad? :(

Answer I recived: Lidar was purchased from Garmin, so It's going to re-appear under Garmin name.

Now is in the market Lightware, developing altimeters for Ardu pilot and helping rangefinders users in this forum ( )

I changed the title because this post discussion content look's usefull for other rangefinders too.

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    • How wide is the area of detection?  I didn't see that mentioned in the specs.

    • @James tate, @David Mathias

      The thinking behind "collision avoidance" in the sense of being able to detect and respond to unknown obstacles, is that you don't really know what that obstacle is going to be. This presents a difficulty when using the SF11/C that has been optimized for looking at the ground.

      The ground has very specific characteristics when viewed from above during flight, the main ones being that it's quite big and tends to stay in view for relatively long periods of time. The SF11/C loves this kind of target! Can it be used to detect obstacles? Sure, if they are big ones.

      Most obstacles, on the other hand, have very different characteristics. They tend to be present for short periods of time when you least expect them. The laser sensor needs to be able to detect extremely brief events. So while large trees are most certainly of concern, it's the small ones that are just as damaging. We developed the SF30 family of lasers specifically for obstacle detection. They can take many thousands of readings per second so they don't miss even narrow objects like power lines. Happy flying :).

      I forgot to answer the question about Pixhawk  compatibility - I'll get back to you on that after I've spoken with our in house Dev.

    • Thanks for the responds Laser Developer.

      What would be the settings for SF30/B on Pixhawk ?

      On Arducopter website they say nothing about the SF30/B, just on the SF10

      I'm very excited about flying the SF30/B on my 680 Pro Hexicopter and impress my fellow modelers at our Club.

    • @James tate - your question has been passed on to our dev and he will be contacting you about how to make the connection as soon as he can.

    • I'm curious, why is the SF11/C not good for collision avoidance?

    • Here is what Lightware told me.

      Quote :

      Dear Customer,

      The SF11/C was designed as an altimeter and is also good for position hold when facing a forward target, but we feel it is too slow for collision avoidance.
      We do not recommend it in this application. Rather look at the SF30 product range or even the SF40/C.

      We do not recommend the installation as explained, but we have not had complaints from others who have done the same.

      Noise or interference generally is a system issue and not only from a single component.

      We recommend Serial communication over I2C as the latter is more susceptible to noise.

      We hope this has answered your questions. Please let us know if we can assist with anything else.

      The LightWare Team

  • Hi All!

    Sorry for my ignorance, but why is everybody so excited about Lidar Lite (was about 115$) and SF11/C(270$)?

    If there a plenty of other laser rangefinders in 100-150$ range(with much better distances)? As I understand all if them draw a distance on the screen, so we can grab this digital signal. Without optic and case it shouldn't be so heavy?
    It's only because of weight and support of Ardupilot/Pixhawk?

    • @Andrey - I love this question. As the supplier of the SF11/C we spend a lot of time trying to provide the best solutions at the lowest prices but we certainly don't always get it right! So if you can find a cheaper or better way to provide height above ground measurements then we'd be delighted to hear about it.

      The general requirements for use on UAVs are:

      Range > 40m

      Accuracy < 10cm

      Update rate > 10 readings per second

      Weight < 50g

      Size - < 50mm x 50mm x 50mm

      Interface - I2C, serial or analog

    • @Laser Developer

      Can i ask if do you have something similar the lidarlite v2?

      i need Accuracy <2.5cm; range >30/40m and update rate >500hz are you developing something similar? Thankyou


    • Hi Francesco - we make some very fast laser units like the SF30/B that will do what you're asking for. Could you tell us what you want to use the high speed for?

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