• APM2.6 is opensource project. so you can find Eagle scheme and PCB layout.

    That's very easy to export tha list of components from Eagle to CSV doc.

    • HOW show me the process ?? how to execute it ? steps ?

    • Open the Board file i.e. .brd file of the apm 2.6 in eagle.

      Go to File>Export>Partlist and save the file as .txt or excel version of it.

      Open that file and you have the corresponding components with their values and package.

  • Schematics and Board files are available. You can use the free eagle version to open those files and use the generate partlist script. It generates the list of all the parts automatically.

    • Thanks jeraz !

       can you provide any link if possible because I'am new in to this eagle , gerber etc if any link is available for the generation of part list ?

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