Loiter and RTL work "now and then"


We are in the process of fine tuning a large octo and a small tricopter, both using Arducopter 2.8.1. We have challenges with the loiter and RTL mode. In one flight loiter can be perfect, and then, after flying around, the multicopters don,t want to hold their position, just wandering off. Then, land, repower, take off, and loiter works again. The same is happening in RTL.

GPS 3D FIX with 9 sats is veryfied.

Anyone knows why we can't get a good loiter or RTL everytime we enter the modes?

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Pål & Martin

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  • 3D Robotics

    First, you should upgrade to 2.9.1.b and go through the config process again (it uses a different accelerometer calibration). 

    Second, you should ensure that your APM is as far from your PDB as possible to avoid magnetic interference, which affects the magnetometer. I'd raise it on a platform at least two inches above the rest of the copter.  

  • I would assume somewhere the initial calibration done durring bootup is over time calculating a larger offset from it's inital state, when you restart fresh it resets

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